Toft Trout Fishery General Rules

All rules are for the benefit of YOUR fishery and fish welfare, PLEASE RESPECT THEM:


1: Fly fishing only


2: No trolling


3: Fishing 8am until dusk


4: Anglers must complete a catch return even if they haven’t caught before leaving the water.


5: Anglers must be in possession of a valid permit and rod licence before fishing. Permits are not transferrable.


6: No live fish to be removed.


7: Anglers must stop fishing in a thunderstorm.


8: No angler may fish with more than four hook points, no treble or double hooks.


9: No gutting of fish on the boat or bank.


10: Boats must not be taken onto the bank under any circumstances. Please return to shore via the floating pontoons.

Toft Predator Boat Fishing Rules

All predator fishing rules are for the benefit of YOUR fishery and fish welfare, please respect them and your environment:


1: Please leave other anglers a minimum of 100 yards clearance from boat and shore. Maximum of 4 Predator boats per day.


2: Maximum of 2 rods per angler. Lure, fly, dead and live bait all allowed.


3: Boats must keep a minimum of 75 yards from the bank. If you need to come ashore for ANY reason then please return the boat to the floating pontoon. Failure to comply with this rule will result in expulsion from the fishery.


4: No trolling allowed. No spinners or spoons. Lures must be a minimum of 10cm for ALL predator fishing.


5: NO Live baits brought on site these must be purchased from the fishery.


6: Please present your pike care kit at the ticket office on arrival at the fishery; this must contain as a minimum, large unhooking mat, forceps and strong wire cutters.


7: Semi barbless or crushed barb hooks only.


8: Predator fishing season is from November 1st to the end of February; this is for Pike and Perch. All accidentally caught trout returned to the fishery as quickly as possible.