Predator Fishing at Toft.

The new management at Toft believe very strongly that trout fishery’s work best when predator and trout fishing are managed together for the overall benefit of the whole fishery.
For the last few seasons Toft has sold day tickets for predator fishing from November 15th until the end of February. While this would maximise our revenue, we don’t feel it’s the best way to manage the predator fishing on Toft.
After careful consideration we have decided to create a Predator fishing syndicate on Toft with limited membership. With Toft producing a new fishery record of 33lb 4oz this year and a 25lb and 32lb fish falling to fly anglers it will be no surprise that the syndicate is already fully subscribed. We have a waiting list and anybody wishing to be put on this list should contact the fishery office on 01673 878453 and leave their details. Syndicate membership is £500.
We know that this will disappoint a lot of our regular predator anglers and understand how passionate you are about your sport. The new weekly trout stocking policy is creating very high stock levels of trout and with increased angler numbers many practising catch and release it’s providing the perfect conditions for the pike to grow very quickly picking up the fishery mortalities. We believe that this will see a substantial rise in the number of 30lb plus pike coming out of Toft and this would lead to tremendous angling pressure on the stock. Toft is only 40 acres and simply will not withstand this kind of pike fishing pressure. Our aim is simple, to create one of the very best pike fisheries in the country that is sustainable over the long term. It may be frustrating but if you are as passionate about predator fishing and Toft as we are then please do get your name on the waiting list.
Toft is not all about Pike !!!! we also have some excellent perch fishing. While the Predator fishing has been syndicated, we felt that we should allow 4 months Perch fishing on a first come first served basis. Boat fishing only and limited to 2 boats per day, lure only, maximum 4” with crushed barbs. Perch days are everyday from 1st November to 28th February. The price is £60 per boat with electric outboard and battery, this is for two anglers’ sorry no discount for single anglers as we have limited boat availability. The only way to secure these perch days is to book and pay online here please book early to avoid disappointment. We will only offer refunds if the fishery office deems it unsafe for boats to go out.
Best Regards from the team at Toft