Fishing Report and News 28/3/22 – 3/4/22

55 rods caught 482 trout for a rod average of 8.76.

Its still exceptional sport though the weather seemed to keep a few of you at home meaning we didn’t manage to replicate the terrific attendance of the previous week – in truth aside from a couple of decent showers it really wasn’t as bad as the forecast would have you believing – they’ve certainly got a lot to answer for.

Fish seemed to move up and down through the layers a little and those fishing subsurface are advised to keep swapping the point fly between a Buzzer or a small Booby or FAB to stay in touch with the feeding depth……

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Fishing Report and News 21/3/22 – 27/3/22.

127 rods caught 1123 trout for a rod average of 8.84

WOW! Simply wow!, a fantastic week at Toft with the best turnout of the season so far and fabulous fishing to match. There has really been something for everyone with all methods finding a few fish at one time or another. It has to be said that sport was very much a nymph fishers dream, floating or ‘tip’ style lines provided great catches and a full array of our usual patterns such as Organza’s, Diawl Bach, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail plus the usual array of Buzzers. For the anglers liking a more active style of fishing, intermediate lines and long tailed damsels have found a few fish and for the ‘pure’ amongst you the dries have certainly put fish in the net with a Palamino Midge pattern doing the business for Tony Smith during a boat session. tony was part of a group from Nottinghamshire

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Fishing Report and News 14/3/22 – 20/3/22

95 rods caught a total of 595 trout giving a rod average of 6.26.

Just as we had predicted the onset of some warmer weather really kicked things into life and several anglers managed to crack the code with some great catches from both boat and bank – the boats certainly cover more fish and have caught bigger numbers but bank anglers can help themselves by moving around more frequently.

Boat anglers fared very well again using sinking lines and fishing deeper throughout the day, bank anglers did very well on buzzer patterns catching the majority of their fish in the warmest part of the day from lunch time onwards. the fish can at times move up and down in the water column and changing between straight line buzzer fishing and washing line tactics can certainly bring results at the right time of the day.

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Fishing report and news 7/3/22 – 13/3/22

57 rods caught a total 0f 219 trout for a rod average of 3.84

Its fair to say that the boats enjoyed some fabulous sport with the majority of the fish being out in deeper water – that said the last couple of days with some warmer weather have seen a distinct upturn in the fortunes of bank anglers.

From the boats, anglers found sunk line tactics to be by far the most effective method with smallish black and olive lures and boobies on Di5 type lines being by far and away the best option. to get the most out the method you should count the line down to different depths until you find where the fish are holding, vary the retrieve again until you find the most effective style on the day. Many fish have been coming on the hang at the end of the retrieve and adding a line marker to your sinking line will help you to know when its time to hang the flies……..

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Fishing Report and News 28/2/22 – 6/3/22

52 anglers caught a total of 237 fish giving an overall rod average of 4.55.

The boats offered the most consistent sport again over the last week, the bank can at times appear to be fabulous one day and the harder the next – some anglers have definitely got the methods sussed where as others are perhaps a little behind. Anglers taking to the boats are urged to fish deeper with Di-5 or Di-7 lines and either black or………

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Fishing Report and News 21/2/22 – 27/2/22

41 rods caught 108 trout for a rod average of 2.63. Its fair to say that its been still a tad on the breezy side following on from the storms of the week previous and I’m pretty sure that if more boats has been able to go out then we would have seen a lot more fish c aught – those that accessed the deeper water certainly faired better…….

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