Coaching & Guiding

Toft is delighted to be able to offer the guiding coaching skills of ex England International Andy Hutson. With his relaxed and friendly approach Andy has set many newcomers to fly fishing on the path to becoming accomplished anglers in our wonderful sport.

We offer four different packages

1 Hour coaching/ casting lesson.  Ideal for a brush up on your technique £30.00


6 Hour Newcomer introductory offer.   Andy will spend two hours with you on a one to one basis teaching you how to cast and the basics of fly fishing. You will be provided with all the equipment you will need. After your coaching session you will spend 4 hours on Toft fishing catch and release with Andy keeping an eye on your progress £70.00 – please add £15 for each additional newcomer.

1 Hour Fly Tying Lesson.  Learn to tie the latest up to date fly patterns and particularly a selection of Toft favourites, being prepared with the right flies will help you become more successful on your visits to Toft £20.00


Winter Special Offer. Available from October 1st until March 31st one offer per month per person only available on a Monday. If you buy any full day ticket for a Monday you are entitled to one hours free coaching with Andy worth £30.00. Maximum 4 anglers per Monday.


All four packages need to be booked in advance.

Please call the lodge: 01673  878453

or mobile: 07395  314423