Fishing Report and News 14/2/22 – 20/2/22

20 anglers caught 93 trout for a rod average of 4.65 in spite of some extremely tricky conditions – lets face it, it was at times worse than awful out there, in fact we had 3 days without any anglers at all though we wouldn’t deem this as a surprise given the weather.

We’re pretty pleased with the results generally across the board and in line with recent weeks floating and intermediate lines teamed with either washing line tactics or the usual early season type lure patterns have offered the most consistent sport.

We often receive questions about flies for Toft and over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some of our favourites so that you can come prepared for your next fishing trips – we stock a concise range of flies in the shop and custom orders can at times be catered for too. With the onset of springtime only weeks away and decent temperatures its possible that buzzers will be high on the menu – a simple black epoxy buzzer with either orange or sunburst cheeks should be plentiful in our fly boxes and we have pictured an easy one for you to copy.

As we ramp up our early season stocking we have stocked with another delivery of 300 cracking rainbows from Olsten Trout. its safe to say that they’ve been pretty well left alone since the onset of the recent storms and they’ll be sat there waiting for you all to catch this week. Below is a short video showing just a few of our stocking heading down the Toft fish slide and on into the lake.

My parting shot this week is unfortunately one of sadness as I report the passing of one of our ‘gentlemen’ Tim Morrell.

Tim had been a regular visitor to Toft for a great number of years and had a passion for dry fly sport in the evenings and then latterly buzzer fishing searching for over wintered fish on Rutland guided by my good friend Al Owen. Tim’s love of fishing extended far and wide and he always spoke extremely fondly of his trips to Ireland chasing beautiful wild trout on some of the vast expanses of water offered. Our thoughts and best wishes go to Tim’s family.

Tim Morrell, a lovely chap who did it ‘right’.

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