Fishing report 17/1/22 – 23/1/22

50 anglers caught a total of 241 trout (32 killed) for a rod average of 4.82.

Similar tactics to last week fetched great results again with a distinct pattern emerging which may help some anglers to be consistent during future visits to Toft.

In the main anglers fishing either washing line tactics on floating lines or lure patterns on intermediates enjoyed the best of the sport though one very interesting addition is that we have noticed that there are still a great number of fish in deeper water and the boats have enjoyed some fine sport with booby and other lure patterns deep down on Di-5 type lines.

During the breezier spells the bank seems to fish very well indeed with the fish retreating slightly on calmer days – when the conditions are like this hiring a boat can really change your day. Whilst being on the water can be cold at this time of year it can also be very rewarding, fleece type clothing with waterproof outer layers will help to keep you warm. A warm hat and warm socks are really essential pieces of kit and a flask with a warm drink a welcome bonus.

Andy is steadily adding a few new products back into the shop – the ever popular Vision Stillmaniac 10′ #7 is due back in stock in the next day or so and the Airflo Switch Black Reels are in stock as we speak. The range of fly tying equipment is also expanding at a slow rate but in time we hope to have a large amount of what you need.

Don’t forget that now is definitely the time to hone your skills, perhaps you would like to cast better or learn watercraft? would you like to learn how to fish from a boat? would you like to learn how to tie our favourite Toft flies? we can tailor tuition packages to suit you – for more information please call Andy in the fishery office on 01673 878453.

Finally for today we’ve also stocked with another 300 rainbows with an average size of 800g (though i have to say they looked bigger!) from Olsten Trout who continue to provide exceptional quality stock fish into Toft – please view the video and subscribe to our new YouTube channel – more content is on the way soon.

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Fishing report and News 25/4/22 – 01/5/22

98 rods caught 739 trout for a rod average of 7.54

A real bumper week again!

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Fishing Report and News 18/4/22 – 24/4/22

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Fishing Report and News 11/4/22 – 17/4/22

116 anglers caught 794 trout for a rod average of 6.84

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Fishing Report and News 4/4/22-10/4/22

75 anglers caught 493 trout (67 killed) for a rod average of 6.57

Windy weather made for a slightly quieter week than we would have liked, the fishing however remained fabulous as Tofts trout gorged on the massive profusion of buzzers throughout the levels of the water column. Both black and olive buzzer imitations played a big part in catches and as lots of quality trout made their way to the landing nets of our anglers.

We spooned several fish this week to help us to ‘match the hatch’ and you can see from the pictures that they were certainly feeding very well indeed – the majority of the sport has been with floating lines and imitative types of flies – the real ‘cream’ of the seasons fishing – its literally buzzer soup out there!