Toft Receives A Stocking Of BIG Fish

Anglers visiting Toft from our re-opening day on 29th March 2021 should strike lucky being the first anglers to get a chance to fish for some much larger than average sized rainbows that we have been introducing during the lockdown period. These fish are in the 4-10lb bracket with the average size being typically around 6lbs. These fish should provide some truly exciting opportunities and to ensure the longevity of this we feel it only right to introduce a ‘Gentlemans Rule’ allowing anglers to kill one fish larger than 5lbs in weight per visit, further large sized fish should be released to the wate. This we feel allows everyone a chance of making special angling memories at Toft.

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Toft Newton Vision Stillmaniac Classic – Match rules

If you’re considering joining us on Saturday 30th October for this wonderful event you might like to study our rules in order to help you prepare. if you’ve any queries or suggestions at all please give Andy a call on 01673 878453 or 07395 314423. we reserve the right to make minor changes and these will always be done in the interest of a fair spirited competition.


Latest Toft Update

Footfall has been a little slower around a week of wet weather, with the appearance of some warmer weather wed expect sport to continue right into the evenings.


Latest Form – Time to go Nymphing!

With the weather becoming ever so slightly more consistent and temperatures steadily increasing to ‘comfortable’ its really a great time to be at Toft.

A steady rod average of around 6 of late and some fantastic quality hard fighting fish has really kept our anglers entertained. As with any water, you do have to get it ‘right’, with buzzers hatching in profusion the best sport is to be had using teams of buzzers and nymphs sometimes with a small FAB or booby on the point to search the layers more slowly.


NEW! The Toft Newton Vision Stillmaniac Classic 2021

So we promised you all some big news!

Saturday the 30th October 2021, whatever you’ve got planned, put it on hold cancel it or re arrange – The Toft Newton Classic is here!

As many of you will know we’ve spoke about hosting a big bank match for some time now and finally we feel the time is right to go ahead.